Not all who wander are lost


Hello friends…
Blogging! How passé! How cliché! But I find that it is as good of a place as any to organize my wandering thoughts and ideas. Where else (besides Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram) could I make my mark on this social media driven world?

I used to do the blog thing quite religiously when we were engaged, copying and pasting and unabashedly stealing the ideas of other blushing brides-to-be and wishing that I had the time and energy (and the expensive DSLR camera) to make my pink frosted dreams a reality. Blerg…Disgusting, I know. Then after we got married and settled into a happily wedded life I fell off the blog bandwagon for about a year or so. Life moved on but after a few wine-fueled nights reminiscing about the “good ol’ days” of being a blogger I decided that perhaps I needed to give it another shot. This time around there was less shameless plagiarism about tulle table skirts and eco-friendly twinkle lights and more about hiking and the time spent in my kitchen. My love for cooking and baking blossomed during the first few years of our marriage and my ramblings became a bit more interesting (and subsequently delicious). To combat all of the empty cupcake calories and my expanding waistline, my other passion became hiking. I learned to appreciate the isolation and silence of the woods where I could do all of my diabolical planning and plotting and to relish the sweat and lactic-acid burn in my calves as I climbed hills and mountains. There really is nothing like watching the sun sparkle off of an isolated lake in the middle of the woods knowing that your own two feet got you there. Then with a thump, I fell off the wagon again out of sheer boredom. There was too much to do! Too much to see! There was not enough time in the day to sit down and write about stuff! Blah. Blah. Blah. Whatever. Another year passed blog-less and life got more interesting. We obtained chickens and grew hops and became Portland-hipster-urban-farmers or something of the sort. We changed our eating habits to reflect the paleo diet and cut out processed crap and more. We did a Whole 30 (much more on that later). And we continued to hike and explore and savor this beautiful area of the country.

So this is me hopping back on that wagon and giving the blog thing a third shot.

If dear reader, you decide to continue to endure my ramblings if even for a brief period of time you will likely be subjected to my two cents about urban chicken farming, paleo cooking and the Whole 30 program, hiking and backpacking in the Columbia River Gorge and surrounding areas, and the ever-growing pile of unfinished DIY projects which tend to drive Diz mad.

Ready to dive into my brain? Deep breath now…

San aka #DomesticGoddess


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